Suzanne Thibault is an Animal Communicator, Pet Relationship Specialist, and Spiritual Life Coach serving animal lovers to effectively communicate and heal with their pet. She is the best-selling author of Animal Wisdom Tales, co-author of Animal Legacies and sought-after speaker. Her mission is to support people who love animals, and their pet(s), to rebalance body, mind and emotions – hands and paws healing together with the Holy Spirit.

Caring, warm, and insightful, Suzanne delivers high-content animal communication training and inner healing programs that develop intuition, deepen pet relationships, which empowers and enriches lives. As the podcast host of Spiritual Straight Talk, Suzanne and her guests inspire spiritual self-care in life and business.

Media Pitch

Have you ever had a close relationship with a pet?

If so, then you’ve experienced the unconditional love of an animal that can change your life.

It’s interesting that more than 68% of all households in the US have a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association. The majority of people today love their animals so much that they see their pet as a family member. I wonder how many of your listeners have pets or have had an experience with animals? I bet it’s a lot.

Did you know that animals are talking to us all the time in hopes we will hear them? Pet parents can see that their pet is communicating with them, but they do not always understand what their pet is saying. I help inspire pet parents to better communicate with their pet by expanding their awareness to really notice, recognize and hear what their pet is trying to tell them.

As a guest, I’ll lead your listeners into the world of animal language through experiencing three pet talk techniques for parents to use to begin communicating with their pet. Live animal communication readings are also available to your listeners, if you have a live show.

Suzanne’s Most Popular Media Topic

Animal Communication to the Rescue!
Do you worry about your pet? Learn insights into developing a PAWsitive relationship with your pet using animal communication. Being able to talk to your pet and ask them questions empowers you in their care. Animals have the ability to ease your concerns when you hear their perspective. Conversations are healing for both of you!

In this presentation you will:

• Discover how animals communicate as empaths
• Learn how animal communication builds your self-confidence
• Understand the spiritual, intuitive process of animal communication available to everyone

Whether you need to discuss their health, their behavior, or finding comfort in talking to them in Spirit, animal communication is a spiritual tool that provides you greater peace of mind.

Want to learn more? Give me a shout out via email or phone.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

Animal Communication to the Rescue!

1. How did you first begin talking to animals?

2. What exactly is animal communication?

3. You say that animals are empaths. What is an empath and how does that show up for pets?

4. How did you get the idea to write a book?

5. Tell us about your elephant encounter!

6. Do you have any animal wisdom you can share with us?

7. How can people contact you if they want to learn more? Or free gift? I have a freebie of Pet Communication 101 Mini online training course at

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