If your audience is interested in learning about how to become financially free with real estate, schedule an interview with Eloy Retana. He’s a passionate real estate investor, author of the e-book “The Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Home Parks” and host of “The Savvy Mobile Home park Investor” podcast.

To educate your audience, Eloy can discuss why currently, during this pandemic, Mobile Home Parks are the best investment on earth. Mobile Home Parks are safer and meet the ever growing demand for affordable housing.

Busy corporate professionals often times approach us looking for opportunities to invest in real estate opportunities that don’t require their time or efforts. They often seek to expand their investment portfolio by investing in hard assets, like real estate, that produce stable and predictable cash flow, increases equity, and tax savings with less volatility as compared to investing in the stock market.

Eloy can show, you why investing completely passively in real estate commercial property through a syndication team, that does all of the work, could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Eloy is currently invested in 113 Apartment and Mobile-Home Units and can show your audience how to do the same.

Media Pitch

Did you know that the big money, I’m talking private equity firms, and hedge funds, yes, Wall Street have been slowly and quietly been buying up Mobile home Parks across our beautiful country for the last 6 years. They own upwards of 20% of all Mobile home Parks in this country. Why is that? What do they know that you and I do not. What are they preparing for?

My name is Eloy Retana, host of the Savvy Mobile Home Park Investor podcast. like many of you I lost everything in stock market meltdown of 2008. Rather than give up on life, I decided rebuild, educate myself and take control of my own finances. Rather than put my faith in the casino knows as the stock market. I would rebuild.. This time…with real estate, now I buy Mobile home parks with my friends, when I’m on your show, you’re listeners will learn how

1) Why Mobile Homes and Mobile Home parks have not only survived the Covid Pandemic, but thrived.
2) Mobile Home Parks meet the sky-rocketing demand for affordable housing and provide steady cash-flow.

Talk about purpose driven investing! The big money on Wall Street shouldn’t be the only ones protecting and making money, now your listeners can too.

Your listeners will learn how they can position themselves and partner with an experienced park Operator on the ultimate alternative investment.

Not to mention, to help you grow your audience I will leave you a glowing 5 start review and I fully intend to blow up our episode together on all of my social media channels.

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Talking Points or Standard Questions

Suggested Interview Topics

* Why Investing In Real Estate Syndications is the best alternative to the Stock market
* How to stop trading time for money
* How to become financially free with Real estate Investing.
* How to raise capital for your real estate deals.

Questions to ask

* How do you cultivate a mindset to rebuild after losing everything in 2008
* How’d you get into real estate?
* I thought IT guys had it made, why make the switch to Real Estate
* How did you find out about multifamily?
* What compelled you to make the transition to Mobile Home Parks?
* How have your MHP’s faired during the lockdown?
* Why Florida?
* With an expected economic recession looming and bank lending tightening their rules, what opportunities do you see going forward?
* what do you feel are the keys to successful partnerships
* What’s next for Apex Communities?

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