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Dr. Alexandra Kleeberg is a clinical psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst, psychodrama- and behavioral therapist, including Shamanic Studies for 20 years. Alexandra is the author of 6 books on self-healing, a trainer of self-healing in groups and a re-known speaker in Germany and Austria.
For the past three decades, Alexandra explored the techniques and benefits of self-healing from ancient cultures and modern research around the world. She translated this knowledge into present day language and her approach “Self-Healing by Embody-Mental Imagination” (SHEMI), that empowers people to heal themselves. In her daily groups, seminars and online courses, she teaches the skills and knowledge people need to tap into their power of self-healing.
For the past 35 years, Alexandra has helped thousands of clients to heal themselves of all kinds of illnesses. Healing is learnable and trainable. She is now also training health professionals in SHEMI.
Being one of the leading experts on self-healing in the German-speaking world, Alexandra is new opening to the English-speaking world with her new book “Healing every day” and the Training course Self-Healing – Nine Steps into the wealth of Health. Her visionary teaching is recommended by Alex Mandossian and Dr. Joe Vitale, who says: “Dr. Alexandra Kleeberg offers an easy to follow approach to self-healing with many useful practical exercises. Expect miracles for your health and wealth.”

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People often call Dr. Alexandra Kleeberg the queen of inner images. She has the extraordinary capacity to help people to use their power of imagination to heal almost any dis-ease and to develop their full potential.

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