Special Author in Charge Wolf O’Rourc shows how to make any content soar by wrapping a story around a message. He mines his years in cybersecurity and fascination with politics, finance, and sex to create stories pitting quirky characters with high-tech gadgets against evil villains with vile weapons.

His Zazztra series follows a Vegas casino host turned superheroine through the sordid underbelly of crime at home and abroad. Wolf’s Cyber series explores the secret world of bits and bytes through the eyes of a pink-haired hacktress.

Media Pitch

Women avoiding technical fields robs everyone of a better future. Melinda Gates says we have to reach girls in middle school, but how to do that, when they spend increasing amounts of time with micro-stories on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube?

Create a story.

I do Sesame Street for Adults, and I’d love to show your audience how to reach people in the story age.

My current Nevada Arts Council supported project, Cyberspiracy, delivers its messages wrapped in a thriller tailored for girls.

We all love to see ourselves in a story, and the heroine, a young woman with neon-pink ponytails, offers a role model for girls to follow into tech.

To cater to different tastes, the story allows a variety of entry points, text, audio, music, video, an approach known as transmedia.

The heroine even has her own social media accounts for enthusiastic fans to interact with.

Disney and Microsoft have employed these concepts for years. Advancements in technology have put transmedia storytelling within the reach of even solopreneurs.

Your audience can make their messages stand out with simple storytelling tricks that I can illustrate on your show.

And of course, I share valuable resources like podcasts across all my social media channels.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

What is Sesame Street for Adults?
What is transmedia and why has it become popular in the last few years?
What inspired you to write Cyberspiracy?
But a girly, pink-haired heroine as main protagonist for a thriller?
Why should the average person care about cybersecurity?
Is Cyberspiracy a result of your experiences, research, or expertise?
What are the key takeaways you hope readers/viewers find in Cyberspiracy?
How will reading/watching Cyberspiracy change the minds or hearts of the audience?
Why is bullying and sexism so important to you, personally?
What risks do you see in the behavior shown in the film of what some call the iGen?

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