Ragini Michaels dedicates her time to supporting women leaders around the globe who wish to catapult their commitment to conscious living & conscious leadership to a higher level of impact. Sharing a transformative consciousness-expanding perspective that changes everything, she shows you how to glean the wisdom of your discontent & use the power of your revealed practical wisdom based on her original model of the psychology of mystics.
Trained by the founders of NLP, Ragini is a true expert in facilitating communication between the conscious & unconscious minds. She elegantly navigates her clients’ & students’ desires for practical ways to make daily life more workable, conscious, & happy through expanding awareness & presence to the paradoxes of being human.
Ragini has run a successful private practice in NLP & Hypnosis for over 4 decades as well as offering certification in both skills & her original Paradox Management training, now available online. Ragini is an Best-Selling Author, with 5 books and 8 guided meditation Mp3’s available. She also arrives with over 4 decades of personal exploration with meditation, mindfulness, contemplation, presence, the Enneagram, and the art of spiritual inquiry.

Her signature contributions include:
• Hypnosis to Heal The Heart & Soul (mp3 series / 4 audios)
• Hypnosis for Conscious Awakening (mp3 series / 4 audios)
• Facticity – a door to mental health & beyond
• Lions In Wait – a road to personal courage
• Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered, & Peaceful No Matter What
• The Jewels Of Here & Now: Awe, Reverence, & Ever Deepening Gratitude
• The Wildly Quiet Presence Of God: Musings Of A Modern Marketplace Mystic Centered 24-7 – NLP Coach Certification – How To Stop Arguing In Relationship – And More

Ragini is a member of the following organizations:
• ICF (International Coaching Federation)
• IAPLC (International Association of Professional Life Coaches)
• Society of NLP
• IANLP (International Association for NLP)
• International Hypnosis Federation

Media Pitch

Your listeners will receive the key to living gracefully amidst that state of uncertainty that is now permeating our everyday lives. It starts with recognizing and making peace with your own polarization. When your own personal bias silently shifts into a polarized viewpoint, it absolutely adds to the volatility & divisions of the day! I’ll share what to do with it when you find it and why this knowledge will make being around the people who disagree with you a lot less stressful. And, it will create the inner atmosphere for a more mindful, calm conversation and the space for a better day and a more hopeful, happy heart, no matter what!

Talking Points or Standard Questions

1. Why have things gotten so polarized?
2. You say you have a way to get around this based on the psychology of mystics. Who are they and why are they relevant to our current dilemmas?
3. In your book, ‘Unflappable – 6 Steps To Staying Happy, Centered & peaceful No Matter What’ you say we’re using the wrong set of guidelines to find happiness. What are they and what should we be doing instead?
4. You talk a lot about paradox and polar opposites. Why do you think they’re so important and should have our attention?
5. You say that balance is THE most important thing for a happy and mindful, conscious life. Please explain.
6. Can you give me some examples of what you call unresolvable dilemmas or the inner tugs of war we all experience?
7. How does our neurology or the brain impact our quest to be more mindful, conscious and present during our daily lives?
8. Why do you say our unconscious or subconscious minds have to be in agreement with our desire to live a different, more mindful life?
9. You say the phrase ‘go with the flow’ is often misused. What do you mean?
10. Your six step process says we can enjoy the emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs that is our human lives. Are you really saying we can find peace and calm even if we haven’t gotten rid of what we don’t want or like?

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I have an Audio-Technica ATR2100 USB that has worked very well on all the interviews I’ve done previously.

Interview Availability
Tuesday 10:00 am - 5:00 am, Monday 10:00 am - 5:00 am, Wednesday 9:00 am - 10:30 am, Thursday 9:00 am - 10:30 am
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Additional notes about availability or scheduling

I’m happy to work around your schedule. If we can set things up a week or two ahead of time, I will happily arrange my clients around that.

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