Mellissa is a Stanford educated business litigation attorney turned Intuitive Executive Coach to entrepreneurs and creative professionals in Silicon Valley and around the world. She helps innovative leaders to discover and channel their Genius.

Mellissa was a Catholic school valedictorian, a Stanford graduate, and a practicing lawyer when she “accidentally” got psychic in 2000 with the birth of her daughter, Clarise. Since then, she’s been integrating the arts of intuition, creative innovation, and business strategy, leading to the creation of a new model of what genius really is, how to source creative genius from the realm of the soul, and how to walk in the world as a Genius Incarnate.

Mellissa is a compelling and humorous presenter. She is a sought-after speaker and guest for events. She has led retreats and workshops across the West Coast and in Europe. Whether she is giving a keynote, collaborating on a panel of speakers, or guiding participants through a powerful clearing experience, Mellissa has a unique gift for creating engaging, inspiring, and entertaining experiences for audience of all types.

Media Pitch

Most conversations about creativity leave out the sexiest part – how our brilliant ideas download “from nowhere” with an ecstatic A-ha moment. (And no one is talking about how to cultivate these moments at will) Most conversations about genius focus on “intelligence” and leave out the magical part – how genius flows through us as a vital pulsing brilliance that comes unbidden. (And no one is sharing a step-by-step process to open to channeling your own genius) Most conversations about leadership leave out the essential element that a skeptical world is longing for – the quality of a leader who walks their talk – the palpable embodiment of their brilliance – something I call Carnal Genius. (And very few are putting the esoteric arts of embodiment directly to use in a productive or corporate context.) We are missing out. And so is the world. In a time when we need innovation and genius more than ever, we need to talk about the magic that floods through us in moments of genius. It’s time to collaborate directly with that natural force of creativity, without making it religious, complicated, or too freakin’ serious. Indigenous people on all continents have used tools to channel this creative force. I’m not sure why modern culture stopped paying attention to it. But it’s time to re-claim the birthright of our natural gift for channeling our genius. Join me in a conversation about the tools, techniques, models and ways of genius. Let’s create a conversation for your audience that cuts through the intellectual numbness, lights them up, and empowers them to do what they came here to do.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

I taught and performed improvisation for 12 years professionally, and I never stopped improvising. In terms of talking points, let’s create something that meets your audience where they are, in a way that keeps them compelled, engaged, and empowered.
However, if you’re wondering what I like to talk about…
Four New Types of Genius
The Intuitive Intelligence Advantage
Work with your Gifts, Not Against Them
No One Likes a Know-it-All Guru (How to tap Carnal Genius)
Your Soul Gift

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