Jeff has been propelling people into more powerful, productive and profitable lives for over 30 years.

He helps people see the hero hiding in their dreams and inspires them to live their hero quest.

Jeff has been engaged in helping people discover the hero within for over thirty years.

He’s the host of Hero Quest Podcast and is the Lead Catalyst at HeroQuest.Pro

He’s been a Whitewater guide, a backpacking instructor, a High School Football Coach, a High School Lacrosse Coach, a Professional Speaker, a High School Biology Teacher, a Pastor, entrepreneur, online marketer, career consultant, adjunct professor, adventure recreation facilitator, Youth Minister and leadership consultant for the Delphi Center at the University of Louisville. The core element in all of these is inspiring, training, and coaching people to live out their highest calling.

Simply said, Jeff has been inspiring others to become the heroes of their own stories for over 30 years in all kinds of settings.

He’s the father of three and has been married for 30 years. These people are my greatest joy.

Jeff is presently launching a new online community for people shifting from frustrated hero-wannabes into full-time epic venturers over at HeroQuest.Pro and he is launching the Hero Quest Podcast in early 2018.

Jeff also Pastors an influential top 10% church near Louisville, Kentucky known as Phos Community Church where he leads over 400 people every week to live out their hero story every day. [ learn more at ]

You can learn more about Jeff at

Media Pitch

Over 70% of American workers feel stuck in dead end jobs. They long to break free and live out their dreams. Jeff inspires them to become the hero they’ve always wanted to become.

No matter what your audience most of them are not yet living out their dream; but, you can change that instantly, painlessly and easily by bringing Jeff on to partner with you.

They need someone to be the catalyst that unlocks the hero within. They need you and me to partner up to bring them hope, power, and a plan to unleash the hero within.

Imagine the energy they will feel when you bring Jeff on your show and are able to offer them a clear path from where they are to where they want to go. From stuck & frustrated to free and zooming toward the life of their dreams. And, you can make that happen for them when you bring Jeff onto your show.

Jeff is the lead catalyst at HeroQuest,Pro — an online community that offers the content, coaching, community and collaboration that rising heroes need to slay the dragons in their path and reach the summit of their dreams. He is launching the Hero Quest Podcast in the near future.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

Why are so many people frustrated in their current situations?

Why do they stay stuck?

Why do so many people never take action on their dreams?

What’s at stake when people don’t take action on their dreams?

What are the 3 road blocks that keep most people from taking action and becoming the heroes that they want to become?

What’s the fastest path from where a person is to where they’d like to go as a rising hero?

Why is this such a passion for you Jeff?

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