Bob Roitblat is a 12X founder and CEO with more than 30 years of hands-on P&L responsibility running companies at every phase of a business’ life cycle–Idea, Start-up, Growth, Maturity, Decline and Death. He also has considerable experience consulting with and supporting small and medium-sized closely-held enterprises (SME) across a range of industries, including high technology, distribution, construction, manufacturing, NGO, and professional services.

Bob has been involved in the successful sale of many businesses–both to industry consolidators and individual investors. And he has also been involved with several turn-arounds.

His passion to help business owners succeed, combined with years of practical experience, make Bob an excellent guide. Bob mentors his clients to develop a goal-focused mentality and the competitive skills they need to achieve long-term success. He also guides them to become great leaders that people admire and follow.

Bob uses his experience as the CEO of Mainsail Consulting Group combined with his experience as a competitive sailor to draw parallels between building and leading a winning yacht racing team and building and leading a winning business.

Bob helps current and emerging leaders develop business skills that are effective whether the seas are calm or storms are raging. “Yacht racing,” he says, “is the perfect metaphor for business success. Businesses, like race boats, require leadership, teamwork, and rapid ideation and decision-making to be successful. Miles from land, you have only those resources you brought with you and your knowledge of the environment and your competition to eke out as much advantage as you can in a dynamic environment.”

Audiences easily connect with Bob because he is interactive and fun. Bob is able to think on his feet and engage the audience with thought-provoking stories, examples and humor.

Media Pitch

Every business understands the value of innovation and thinks they’re innovative, yet most new products and services fail. Why such a big gap?

On your show we’ll talk about the reason for the gap and how to close it. We’ll talk about how to create successful offerings and how to be the disruptor and not the disrupted.

This is a message that will resonate with and benefit your audience. When would you like to schedule me?

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Big innovation focus is getting insight into the customers’ needs and the organization’s needs, then looking for ideas to address those two sets of needs simultaneously.

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