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This podcast is a how-to guide for both startups and investors that want brutally honest insight and info about raising capital or investing in startups. “VCs off the Record” pulls the curtain back and invites listeners into a world that may seem scary and complex, but can be navigated with the right tools, the right timing, and the right insights. Join Gayle (Gay-lä) Jennings O’Byrne, co-founder of the WOCStar Fund and champion for female entrepreneurs as she goes “off the record!”


Entrepreneurs Get Visible is a no. 1 international podcast. It has a significant following in the UK as a marketing and entrepreneurial show. Hosted by Anna Parker-Naples, the podcast helps ambitious experts and entrepreneurs work out how to stand out from the crowd to have more impact, influence and income.

Guests include some of the UK’s biggest entrepreneurial names: Rob Moore, Carrie Green, Shaa Wasmund, Niyc Pidgeon.

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The #1 Show for Medical Practitioners and holistic Healers to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives. I am looking forward to engaging conversations with healers who are interested in sharing all aspects of healing- the personal journey, the journey of the practitioner and the amazing possibilities for our own body and spirit. https://www.drmanonbolliger.com/podcast-apply

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Consider If You Will! – Motivation thru brief commentary of original wisdom, asking listeners to think and consider its impact on their life!

Shane is the host of the Consider If You Will! podcast, author of Meche’s Musings, and creator of over 670 original daily quotes, as well as having been a frequent radio/podcast guest on The Outdoor Cooking Show.

Your host, Shane Meche is the Maestro of Wit, crafting complex topics into thought provoking words of wisdom that contemplate creating the better you. As a writer of daily quotes, he believes in sharing his thoughts for all to consider, in the hopes of a betterment for mankind.

As a Distinguished Professor from the Exemplary School of Southern Gentlemen, Shane offers sage advice, inspirational wisdom, and motivation to consider, accompanied with an occasional bit of humor cloaked in sarcasm for any who dare listen.

He enjoys the fine art of cooking, dining, entertaining with family and friends, sportfishing and game in the great outdoors, crafting ideas into their creation, as well as scribbling his thoughts while pondering life’s grand nuisances. These of course are usually accompanied with laughter, good Bourbon, and a fine cigar.

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Your Quality of Life! – Healthy Alternatives

This show is all about how to optimize your quality of life! Options for physical and mental health and wellness, from conventional to alternative and everything in-between.
With local and international guests as well as additional content.
Deep discussions about topics around life. Personal stories of struggle and success, background information, education, and inspiration for personal health and wellness. Delivered in an uplifting and sometimes fun way.
My motto and that for my show is: “If you are stuck in a dark place, don’t give up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, too”
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The Excellent Decisions podcast is all about helping people make more decisions based on vision and values rather than stress and pressure.  Our guests are amazing examples of people who have made Excellent Decisions in their lives and/or have amazing resources and information that helps all of us make more Excellent Decisions every day.

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This show contains the profound and immediately life-changing information Dr. Aziz teaches high-paying clients every day. Learn from the best about how to overcome social fear, gain confidence in dating, public speaking, sales presentations, business meetings, and all of life.


Worth Wisdom for Women is a podcast created for women who are looking to educate and empower themselves in all aspects of their financial lives. Each month our Founder and President Victoria Lowell will host an expert guest on an episode. Topics will cover an array of financial topics and issues that will add to our listeners financial knowledge and will empower them to take steps that will help them when making financial decisions and planning.


“Love in action is listening to understand, not to react.”

This is not a podcast about discussing spiritual deconstruction, reconstruction, contemplation or The Bible. There are numerous podcasts that do that…we know because we love and listen to them constantly.

Our intent is taking all that we know and believe at the time and live it out in a conversation while sitting at a literal or figurative table. We won’t shy away from a topic or person and we aren’t going to have an argument or debate.

Here are those conversations.


The decades that begin in your 70’s require resilience to deal with new challenges, gratitude for living longer and inspiration to enliven your life. We talk weekly with women in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s whose inspiring, provocative stories spark your imagination. Women Over 70 podcast is a valuable resource that invites women of all ages to reimagine aging.

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The Meiko Show is all about FB Messenger. With an interview-style format, Meiko interviews World-Class FB Marketing Experts that are dominating the field. You can also learn how to start your own FB Messenger Agency and tips and tricks on how to land more customers using FB Messenger.

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Vibrant Health Gurus episodes are comprised of an interview with one of the Vibrant Health Gurus from around the country that is radically changing the Health & Fitness Destiny of thousands of people. Hosted by Gunther Mueller (aka The Vibrant Health Guru) who has worked side by side with over 250 medical professionals and spends most of his time educating everyday people on how to take their Health Destiny into their own hands.

Topics include Hormone Optimization, Nutrition, Stem Cell, Alternative, and Exercise & Fitness. Gunther is an expert in the field and extracts, interprets, and delivers the information you want to hear.

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The Awaken Podcast is all about awakening to our deepest and Divine purpose. I like to interview guests who have had their own moment of “awakening” and how it propelled them forward into the work that they do now in the world. Whether that work is a business, a spiritual path, a message that they need to share. This podcast is uplifting, inspiring and powerful. I like to have the conversations around the topics that most are afraid to talk about. I believe that  looking at our past trauma is one of the greatest for us to truly awaken to our own inner gifts and purpose.


KNQR is the acronym for King And Queen Radio, a radio station located in Brooklyn NY. The BROOKLYNSTATION  is a sister station to KingAndQueenRadio and are both owned by Zina G Bevel. Its programming include national and international music, news, talk shows and much more. A notable presenter of the community is Zina G Bevel.

Do you love listening to a variety of music? Do you find yourself at work wishing there was an online station that played great music with few commercial breaks? Do you love hearing TRUE Reggae music? If you are answering yes, then we are the perfect station for you.

We are KingandQueenRadio and we are considered the number one source for online Reggae music internationally. We play the best variety of music that you can listen to while at your desk, going for a run, commuting to work, or anywhere you have an Internet connection and online at kingandqueenradio.com and SisterDobong.com 

Tune in Mondays live on 93.5FM from 10pm-Midnight for The Beyond Show and Tuesdays from 1-2 A.M for There We Go Jamaica! She conducts interviews with artists, offers spiritual advice and lucky numbers.



Adding these healing elevating skincare products to your regular skincare regime, see how ORMUS and Scalar Energy, the secret ingredients for anti aging & healing, make us different from any other skincare line.  Fast Visible Changes In Your Appearance! Fine Lines And Wrinkles Diminish Within 7 Days!  Look and Feel more vibrant, fresher and younger. Love your appearance, be more self-confident,  raise your frequency and Consciousness while diminishing AGING!

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