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Are you a workhorse, a racehorse or a…Pegasus?

Wings Of…Inspired Business lifts and transforms women in business so they can soar like a magical Pegasus to new heights by learning from top women entrepreneurs interviewed by host and 4X serial entrepreneur Melinda Wittstock

On Wings, Melinda interviews innovators, influencers and investors – all female founders with 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses – about their success secrets, lifehacks and practical “been there, built that” advice for how to start, build and sale companies. Very much at the intersection of personal and business growth, Melinda and her guests talk about Mindset, Mojo and Money.

Tune in to learn how to turn a 5 or 6 figure business into a $1mm+ profitable company that supports the life you want, with proven strategies on how to attract great customers, build recurring revenue models that scale, find your true purpose and passion for an authentic personal brand and growing influence, land investment to grow your company, plus self-care and manifestation mind-shifts that change the game.

So if you’re tired of being a “workhorse”, get groomed to be a winning “racehorse” and learn how to soar like a Pegasus, then #GrabYourWings.

Melinda’s mission is to catalyze an ecosystem where women mentor each other, throw business to each other and invest in each other – her personal moonshot is to invest $10m+ in female-founded businesses in the next 10 years.

More about Melinda: She’s the CEO and founder of Verifeed, the social intelligence platform providing clients with a Return on Authenticity™ from their social media engagement. Verifeed is her fourth successful company. She’s also an award-winning journalist and TV anchor (BBC, ABC, CNBC, Times, Guardian), a loving mom to two teenagers, a meditation and yoga fanatic and a world traveler.

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The ideal guest for Wings is a successful female entrepreneur who has hit $1mm+ in revenues at least once – or well on her way there. Wings also has a “minisode” advice segment where we feature coaches and other transformational leaders who work with entrepreneurs and business leaders. We are creating two new shows and/or segments soon – one for men who are conscious leaders and support women in business, and another called Wings of Leadership, which will extend beyond business topics to all fields of life. This will focus on inspiring leaders transforming lives.

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