Super Power Kids

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Super Power Kids is a show on the SuperPower Up! podcast hosted by Neva Lee Recla. The show features adults and kids doing amazing things in the world. During the interviews Neva talks about business, personal development, woo-woo, animals, mythical creatures, and super powers.

Neva’s advice for podcast guests:

“Be yourself no matter what other people think. Be willing to play. Be gracious and loving. And let your inner kid come out.”

Ideal Guest Avatar

People any age that believe kids can do business and change the world. People who are fun, interactive, a fun sense of humor, willing to play and be happy, can talk about woo-woo (metaphysical) things, can talk about business in a fun way, believe in mythical creatures, believe in super powers, love people for who they are.

Super Power Kids on SuperPower Up.jpg 5 years ago
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