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My name is Stavros Mastrogiannis, and I have been in the weight loss field for over 27 years. I specialize in helping people who live in the real world, lose weight in a way that enables them to keep it off, without sacrificing all their free time working out and without giving up all their favorite foods.
The fact is, losing weight and improving your health is a lot easier than how most fitness professionals make it.
I know there are thousands of weight loss experts out there with different opinions on weight loss and health. So, what makes my opinion better than theirs? I think that is a fair question to ask.
Early in my fitness career, I realized I was part of a failing industry. Failing, not because it was not making money, the weight loss industry is making a lot of money. In 1992, the year I got into the weight loss field, in American alone, we spent $30 billion on weight-loss products and services, and our weight as a nation went up that year. Today we are spending over $65 billion per year on weight-loss products and services, and our weight continues to go up as our health continues to deteriorate. That is why I call it a failing industry because it does not deliver what it is supposed to be: weight loss and better health.
I don’t think the industry is failing because fitness professionals don’t care. Yes, there are a lot of fitness professionals who are only in it for the money, but most fitness professionals care and want to help. Unfortunately, they have not been able to make any difference because of how they were taught to approach weight loss and health by their formal education.
The fact that fitness professionals need to realize is that not everything they learned in school or through their professional certifications about weight loss and health is correct.
So, the big question is, how was I able to come up with a sustainable solution to the weight problem, whereas all my fellow fitness professionals failed? I had the same education as other fitness professionals.
You see, most fitness professionals today get their education on fitness, health, and nutrition from a college, university, and professional certification course. There is nothing wrong with formal education; obviously, I got a lot myself. The problem with too much formal education is that sometimes it puts your thinking in a box. In other words, it limits your ability to think with an open mind, and if what you were taught was not 100% accurate, like in the case of fitness and health, you will have a tough time finding the answer that you are looking for.
The one thing that helped me the most in finding a sustainable solution to the weight problem was my ability to think outside the box and think with an open mind. What gave me the ability to think outside the box was my upbringing. You see, unlike most fitness professionals who just studied health and fitness, I lived it firsthand. I was raised on a Greek island, where I was submerged in a very healthy culture. When I lived there, thin was the norm; people in the 90s lived productive lives free from most of the diseases that most older adults suffer and die from in the western world today. When I lived in Greece, I thought cancer was a rare disease, never mind because I did not know anyone who had it, I didn’t even know anyone who knew anyone who had cancer. Other diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson were none existent.
My upbringing caused me to question many of the things I learned in school about proper nutrition and health because they contradicted the way we lived and ate in Greece, and that kept my mind open to other possibilities. The one thing I realized earlier on was that just because something is taught in a University or a college, or because the person who said it had a Ph.D. does not necessarily make it right. We need to question everything we learn, and we need to make sure that what we learned makes sense to us. So, I was questioning everything I was learning and doing a lot of my research. I discovered that many of the things that colleges and universities were teaching their students about proper nutrition and health were completely or partially wrong. Unfortunately, special interest groups have a significant influence over what our colleges and universities teach their students. If that was not bad enough, they also have considerable influence over the government’s dietary recommendations. This is not a conspiracy theory; this is a fact with plenty of evidence to support it and don’t take my word for it. Check out the book “Food Politics” by Marion Nestle. It explains how special interest groups influence governments and schools a lot of proof.
So basically, my upbringing caused me to question many of the things I learned in school and gave me the ability to think outside the box, which led me to the sustainable weight loss solution, which I teach to my clients today.
Another thing I want people to know about me, which helped me better to understand people who want to lose weight and improve their health, but don’t particularly love fitness, is that I am not a fitness nut. I didn’t get into the fitness industry because I loved fitness and exercising. I got into the fitness industry because I hated exercise and loved my junk food, but the fitness professionals and all the fitness books I read to try to get in shape were no help. I felt that they did not understand people like me who don’t love to exercise and don’t love to count calories or watching everything they eat.
Realizing that most people were like me, I saw a real need for a fitness professional who truly understands real people who don’t live to exercise or diet, but they want to exercise and eat right so they can live a long and healthy life.
Although I still don’t love exercising, it’s a habitual behavior that I do without much thought. I don’t spend any time thinking about my diet either because I have made healthy eating a habit. Just for you to know, I still eat my junk food. You don’t need to eat perfectly to lose weight and be healthy; all you have to do is eat healthy most of the time.
I am the owner of Live Your Way Thin LLC, a personal training and coaching facility and the author of 3 books on the subject of sustainable weight loss, including my latest one, “Fat No More”, which is coming out some time in September 2020.

Media Pitch

Did you know that in the past 30 years in America alone we have more than doubled the amount of money we spend on weight loss products and services, from $30 billion in 1992 to over $65 billion today and during the same time the obesity rate went from 12.6% to over 36% today?

How can we be spending so much money on weight loss products and services and have nothing to show for it? Obviously, there is something seriously wrong with the way we approach weight loss. Did you also know that 95% of people who do lose weight, end up regaining the weight back? Why?

At this rate, according to a study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health by the year 2030 50% of American adults will be obese. That is a frightening thought, but together we can make sure it does not become a reality.

I have been in the weight loss business for over 27 years, and I am on a campaign to get the truth out on how sustainable and healthy weight loss can be easily achieved. I am not your typical fitness expert. I have a very different point of view of how sustainable and healthy weight loss can be achieved.

I was raised on a Greek island where thin was the norm, people routinely lived past 90 and even at that age, they lived completely independent, free from all the diseases that most people in the western world, suffer from in their later years. Cancer was a rare disease, and diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s were none existent.

The way we lived on my home island, in many ways contradicted the way mainstream nutritionists and fitness professionals advise people on how to achieve a lean and healthy body.

Did you know that many of the popular advice on weight loss and health, don’t just contradict the way I was raised in Greece, but the way people live and eat in healthy regions around the world?

Doing my own research, looking not just at my hometown but also other healthy regions around the world, I identified 7 healthy behaviors that most of the healthy regions have in common.
Looking at the current methods of weight loss, very few teach these 7 healthy behaviors, which is one of the main reasons why we are losing the weight loss battle.

Back in 2011, I put 3 of these 7 healthy behaviors to the test. I ate at McDonalds for 2 months straight, and by the way, not their salads, and I simply follow 3 of the healthy behaviors that I teach, and you know what happened to my weight and health? NOTHING! The fact that most nutritionist don’t talk about is that there is more to a healthy diet than what you eat. How you eat is as important as what you eat.

When I’m a guest on your show, I’ll share with your audience, the 7 healthy behaviors I have identify and I consider essential for a lean and healthy body. I think you guest would love to learn how I was able to eat at McDonalds for 2 months with no ill effects. I will also answer the question why 95% of people end up regaining the weight back with the current methods of weight loss.

Your guest will be pleasantly surprised when they find out, how simple the whole process of achieving and most importantly, maintaining a lean and healthy body. There is absolutely no need to count calories, points, carbs or spend most of your free time in the gym.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

Here are some question I would love to answer and discussions I would love to have.

Why weight gain is a blessing?
Why 95% of people regain the weight back?
Why we are still losing the weight loss battle in spite the fact that we spend over $65 billion per year on weight loss products and services?
Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
How exercising can actually slow down your metabolic rate
Why most weight loss and diet programs fail to deliver sustainable results?
How we got fat as a society.
How healthy regions around the world are able to maintain their good health effortlessly.
Why the 5% of people who are able to keep the weight off with the current methods of weight loss, make terrible examples to follow.
How much protein do we really need?
There are two parts to proper nutrition, part one, is what we eat and part two is how we eat. How we eat is as important as what we eat.
How can sumo wrestlers be so fat and yet very healthy?
How I ate at McDonalds for 2 months and gain no weight and my cholesterol went down 10 points, by simply following 3 of my 7 healthy behaviors that I teach.
The experts on the Mediterranean diet have missed some very important aspects of the Mediterranean diet.
How to strengthen your immune system to the point that you hardly ever get sick. Personally I have not gotten sick for years.
Why it’s a mistake to remove junk food from your house.
How it is possible to put your fitness program on autopilot
You must change the way you think before you can change the way you eat. Most diets don’t do that and that is one reason why they fail.

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