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Richard Villasana, a proud Navy veteran, is a leading international authority on immigration issues and foster families. He has been featured on CNN International, Univision, ABC TV, in U.S. magazines (Costco Connections, Foster Focus Magazine) and newspapers (AP News, Washington Post), in newspapers and magazines in Europe and Latin America and online about his expertise in locating family members. He has been interviewed on radio and by EFE, the world’s largest Spanish media company. Richard is a published author and international speaker. He is the founder of Forever Homes for Foster Kids. For nearly 25 years, the organization has worked with government agencies across the country to reunite immigrant and foster children with their families.

Media Pitch

As an international authority, I’m able to talk about many aspects concerning the immigrant children at the border, the foster care system and how these two tie together. We can go as deep or broad as you’d like on several topics including bullying, sex trafficking, youth homelessness and government mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. Our talk can either have your audience going, “Awwww.” or “OMG!!” Let’s talk.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

The most serious issues facing immigrant children.

How are immigrant children connected to the foster care system?

Why should people be concerned?

Why is it unlikely that some children will never be reunited with their parents?

How were you able to predict many of the outcomes we’re seeing concerning the thousands of immigrant children coming into the country?

Once immigrant children pass into the country, what are some of the most serious threats to their safety and well-being?

Tell us a little about foster care here in the U.S.

How did you get started working and helping these children?

Who are these foster children that you work with?

Why is it important to find parents or blood relatives of foster children?

Why can’t these children just stay in foster care?

What are some of the worst problems for foster children?

How does your organization get these foster children cases?

What happens to children when foster agencies can’t find blood relatives to care for them and their only known relatives are deemed unfit to provide care?

What solutions exist to help with this problem?

How could people become involved in helping these children?

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The best way to reach me is through text or email. I’m usually a night owl so it’s easier to reach me at 1am than 8am.

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