Patrick Cullinane is a serial entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses and developed several software applications in the logistics and supply chain industries. Patrick also helps run a men’s Mastermind group of over 150 members and serves on the board of 1Life Fully Lived, a non-profit geared towards helping young people find their passion through the entrepreneurial spirit and to dream, plan and live their best lives.

Sam Cullinane began her career climbing corporate ladders to achieve the rank of Chief of Staff to the President of an international five billion dollar company. Eventually she also took to entrepreneurial endeavors – starting a few businesses and then joining Patrick to build and sell his largest business. Sam completely switched gears two years ago and is now a National iTunes charting songwriter and recording artist who has been invited to open for Jewel and has a song in a film to be released October 2017. Sam also serves as the President of a women’s mastermind, Symmetry7.

Sam and Patrick have been married for over twenty years and they would tell you they are one of the happiest couples they know. But they weren’t always this happy. In fact, after ten years of marriage, they were ready to sign the divorce papers.

During the first ten years of their marriage, they struggled through like most people do: trying to navigate life together without any real tools, realizing they were in many ways opposites, fighting often, having sex less and less, distrust and jealousy rearing their ugly heads, and what they believed was falling out of love. They were under tremendous pressure, as many families are these days, raising their two children and each of them pursuing their rigorous careers. In their tenth year of marriage they decided to call it quits and filed for divorce.

After a year apart, against all of the odds, they decided to get back together. This time they came with new insights including recognition of the things each of them brought to the relationship – good and bad. Both made the necessary changes to successfully start their next chapter.

For the last ten years they’ve grown their love, their bond, and created an amazing life together. They became students of love and they never looked back. Their book, released July 2017, Bigger Love – How to Have the Love of Your Life for the Rest of Your Life is their story along with tips, tools and tricks for taking your relationship to a higher, deeper, more satisfying level.

Media Pitch

We are the perfect podcast guests because we are not only experts in relationships but we’re also versed in many other topics including business and entrepreneurialism, meditation and spirituality, health and nutrition, songwriting, and travel. We’re also very entertaining – each of us has a unique sense of humor and we love to laugh and have fun!

Talking Points or Standard Questions

THE relationship book men will recommend to their partners

Why Hollywood has set you up to fail in your relationship

Fight less, F*ck more

Our Simple Mission: Lower the divorce rate. Define the meaning of life. End all war.

Links To Latest Interviews

The book project is new, so we have not done any as a couple yet, But here are a few in the last year of us separately.

Episode 09: Patrick Cullinane: Why I’m investing in Deep Eddy’s and Sour Diesel (listen From 7:03 to 21:20)

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