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Meridith is a best-selling author, powerhouse mompreneur and top female motivational speaker who has become known for inspiring high-level professionals and entrepreneurs to venture beyond the place where their beliefs stop them — all thanks to a plummeting boulder that almost killed her daughter and that changed her “old normal” into the destiny that she embraces today. 

She challenges you to explore the boundaries of endless possibilities, positive expectations and deliberate creation.

With the near-death accident of her daughter and the challenges that were laid firmly at her feet, she learned that it’s these tiny individual seeds of Greatness that live waiting to be cultivated within our own minds. Then, as we master our own mindset and discover the real beauty within our own story, we become free to empower others and to go on to create “impossible” things.

Meridith Alexander’s book “The Sky is the Limit” hit the #1 slot among Amazon’s “hot new releases” in the motivational category in November 2017 on the night that it was released.

Critics called THE SKY IS THE LIMIT a “mandatory read if you want to become the best version of yourself.” Her captivating story has been featured in the media around the world including ABC, NBC, Fox and Prevention Magazine. She is a regular contributor to Thrive Global and the elite that targets millennial female entrepreneurs.

In just two years, Meridith has become a highly sought after self-empowerment coach and peak performance strategist, categorized as a “top Pro” for her expertise in mindset. She is a powerhouse entrepreneur who has grown her speaking/ coaching business while not only continuing to run her boutique performing arts booking agency but while serving as the 24/7 primary caregiver for her daughter.

She is a sought after speaker/ expert on resiliency and mindset for corporate and personal development events as well as on podcasts and stages throughout the US. She has transformed the lives of thousands around the world with her GRIT Mindset Academy featuring the “B.E.S.T.” formula.

Meridith’s speaking career evolved when her youngest daughter was randomly crushed by a boulder. Rather than give in to despair and in spite of tremendous stage fright, Meridith began sharing her uncanny belief in the tangible power of positive expectation.
Her inspirational posts on her Facebook page Schuy is the Limit quickly gained thousands of followers around the world who watched her daughter Schuyler overcome the “impossible.”

Today, in addition to running her two thriving businesses, Meridith is undoubtedly one of the most joyous 24/7 caregivers on the planet. Schuyler and Meridith’s positive mindset continue to inspire all who meet them.

With Schuyler at her side, Meridith has helped audiences achieve massive breakthroughs at events ranging from the Women’s Empowerment Expo in Fort Lauderdale to the Live Better Think Better conference in San Diego as well as in her corporate and personal development trainings.

Meridith’s passion for mindset began when she discovered the works of great thought leaders while at Phillips Exeter Academy and Georgetown University. She spent 9 months of “travelling meditation” as she journeyed around Canada and the US pursuing what she believes is our ultimately occupation: learning how to evolve into the best version of ourselves.

She returned to civilization to launch her own jewelry line that was picked up by Bloomingdale’s in the late 80’s. She moved into the performing arts agency industry in order to spend more time with her children.

Meridith is now the proud mother of 3 amazing children Linden, Saya and Schuyler, one heart throb of a grandson Caden and three vivacious dachshunds Faith, Tinkerbell and S’mores. When not working on one of their numerous pursuits, Schuy and Meridith can be found exploring the new vegan hot spots or the glorious sunsets around Tampa Bay, Florida — and potentially admiring the new additions to the local duck population while sipping blissfully on home made mojito mock tails.

Media Pitch

Can talking about this one boulder impact the future of the 92% of your listeners who are ready to give up on their dreams? Yes it can.

Did you know that science say that 92% of all people never achieve their dreams? In fact, most people talk themselves out of even BEGINNING to pursue them. That’s a CHILLING statistic… but I believe that it’s one that together we can help to change.

But what does settling for a mediocre destiny have to do with a huge rock?

Everything in the world and here’s why:

In 2016, I got the call that every parent dreads. My youngest daughter was literally crushed by a falling boulder while on a rafting trip in South America. I was told that it was unlikely that she would survive this. Here was this young woman who had already been to 5 out of the 7 continents helping to build schools and teach English and now she was fighting for her life.

And yep, equally as suddenly, I was being pulled away from the life that I knew and thrust into the role of the “reluctant hero”. I had ZERO training in handling this kind of crisis but that became irrelevant. As her mom, I HAD find some way to be there for her.

Now don’t think that this is a tragedy or a sympathy story. It’s not. Fortunately, I had spent decades immersing myself in personal development, mindset, law of attraction and energy study. Heck, I had even been in Esther Hicks’ “hot seat” three times. I knew that although I couldn’t control my outer game, I sure as hadoopay could play a mean inner game. So as I flew on the plane to Cololmbia, I declared game on.

Long story short, miracles started showing up one after another. About 7000 people followed along on FB as we lived the “impossible” and now 4.5 years later, yep, Schuy not only survived the “unsurvivable” but we continue to create milestones and blow past more boulders,
Yes, I’m still Schuy’s primary 24/7 caregiver and it’s not uncommon to see me whipping a wheelchair into the back of my SUV while dressed in a business suit. And yes, our “new normal” is anything BUT normal.

The book that is a compilation of the first 4 months of FB posts “The Sky is the Limit” hit Amazon’s hot new release in the motivation category back in Nov 2017 when it was released. And yet, probably, most surprising, is that this “adventure” with the boulder lead to a new “accidental” career for me as a Grit and Resilience speaker (in spite of tremendous stage fright) and specialist in transforming your own “impossible” into your “I’m Possible”.

I like to say that the boulder thrust me into the business of helping people and their businesses come even more alive. My first online program “The Butterfly Effect” is going live in 3 weeks.
When I’m a guest on your podcast, I will share with your audiences the life changing formula that helped me get us out of the terrifying physical, mental and financial abyss after the boulder — a formula that anyone can begin applying today.
This formula not only worked for my daughter Schuyler and me, but now it has changed the lives of my clients all around the world.
When you say YES to having me on your podcast, I will share our appearance with our 7000 followers on the Schuy is the Limit page on Facebook as well as our numerous tribe members on LinkedIn, Instagram and email.
Can you tell that I would LOVE to be a guest on your show? Thanks for taking a look at our story and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Talking Points or Standard Questions

Suggested talking points:

The Story
The G.R.I.T. Formula
The impact of language and how it can shape or derail our big dreams
Why we shouldn’t be trying to look on the bright side
How listeners may be keeping themselves on a hamster wheel and one big thing to do to change that
How do we start to get beyond feeling stuck and what’s one thing we can do today
Meridith’s Butterfly Effect 90-Day Transformation Program

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