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Larry Jacobs
Radio Ad Coach and Profit Transformation Specialist

After 31 years, Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach Larry Jacobs was able to retire.

Here’s how he did it…

Frustrated after struggling to generate a constant flow of clients
using JV-Affiliates and Pay-Per-Click Ads…

Larry decided to TEST and INVEST in a direct response approach
to Radio Advertising (which he now teaches)
And it paid off Big Time…(multiplying his revenue 1,400%) Generating Multiple 7 figures…

Yes, Larry ran commercials on OLD TIME Radio…
(the kind of radio 247 million people listen to trapped in their cars on the way back and forth to work)

The traffic and leads that these simple little 150 word radio ads generated…converted FAR Better
than any method Larry ever tested.

And because there was no one out there teaching this or even talking about it…
And after 4 years of retirement and a lot of golf…

Larry has come out of retirement to teach businesses how to Leverage the power of Old Time Radio.

He’s invested multiple 6 figures digging these Radio Ad Secrets out of the ground the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Larry’s Most Popular Media Topics

-You’re Business is just One Radio Commercial Away from 7 Figures

Media Pitch

Here we are at the New Media summit
talking about leveraging the power of podcasting.
BUT…I’ve got some surprising news for you.
I grew my business from zero to multiple seven figures
in less than 18 months…Using Old Time Radio Commercials.

That’s right I ran 60 second commercials on the kind of radio that 247 million people listen to while trapped in their cars…commuting back and forth to work

These simple to create commercials are only 150 words
Yet they generated a flood of traffic and
customers for me that was far and away better
than ANY paid traffic I ever used.

By-the-way… I’m not an ad-agency
and I’m not selling radio advertising!

But because I’ve invested multiple 6 figures digging
these Radio Ad secrets out of the ground the hard way …
And because there’s no one else out there teaching
I now teach a Radio Ad Magic Online Master Course that
details exactly how to do this for businesses and
that want to stop struggling and start to generate a constant flow of top quality leads and ideal customers on a daily basis.

I’ve been a guest on hundreds of radio talk shows…
And as a guest on your podcast…I’d love to share with your audience… -My 7 figure story—how I did it–and how your audience can do it too…plus I will share – a couple of amazing case studies of businesses
they would absolutely recognize… that are killing it with radio

I’ll keep your listeners engaged and leave them
with the thought that (in addition to the new media
they are currently using)
that their enterprise is just one 60 second radio
commercial away from an additional 6 or 7 figures and beyond…
So, if you have an audience of business people and
entrepreneurs… that would like to generate an amazing
amount of additional revenue…thru an often overlooked
form of media…that’s actually sitting right under their nose….
Then I will be a good match to have as a guest on your podcast.
Thank you.

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