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Lana Wolfe is the author of “Like a Moth to a Flame: A Fatal Attraction” and a life coach helping others overcome fear and inner resistance.  After spending 20 years in accounting, she embarked on a new career as an author and life coach. Following her near-death experience as told in her book, she is actively pursuing her passion to help women overcome fear, find inner peace and live the life of their dreams.  In pursuit of her own dreams she is checking things off her bucket list. Lana and has hiked over 16 fourteeners in Colorado and rafted down the Grand Canyon. Up next, she is planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

Media Pitch

Don’t worry about what the neighbors think – Listeners will learn how to identify sources of fear and anxiety that are holding them back from living the life they desire. Listeners will gain focus on how they feel instead of what others think and gain clarity in what is important and what they want to receive in life.

Overcoming trauma of a bad relationship – I will discuss the steps I took to overcome the trauma of my near-death experience. I will share with your listeners what they can do to gain the self-confidence and self-love needed to experience joy in their lives again after a divorce or breakup.

Success with Law of Attraction – How to release inner resistance and be open to accepting what they are trying to Manifest. I have dozens for stories of successful manifesting experiences. I believe that being in the right mindset is critical to success in LOA.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

Tell me how you were able to overcome your trauma from your near death experience
Tell me about how you help others identify their fears to help them overcome anxiety
Tell me about your success with manifesting.

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