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Creator of the Teacher Freedom Formula, Jen believes we can rise above our broken educational system.

Jen has been called a Thought Leader in the Field of Education and currently works as a Gifted Intervention Specialist (K-5) at a local elementary school. She works with schools to accelerate student achievement using authentic, heart-based strategies to overcome the restrictions of time, testing, and tons of standards.

She has presented to Leadership Teams, local School Board members, Regional Team meetings, local businesses, parent groups, and in front of the Ohio State Superintendent. Her inspiring message is a catalyst for change, for learners of all ages.

She’s the founder of Lift Up Leaders and has earned Master Teacher distinction.

Jen currently lives north of Cincinnati, Ohio, and is working on in her upcoming book, ‘Connected Teaching.’ She frequently travels across the country to lead professional development for teachers, attend personal development seminars, speak about the impact of changing our Mindset, and connect with school & business leaders.

Media Pitch

I LOVE connecting with my audience through stories, humor, and my humbling experiences as a teacher, mom, and wife. I have an innovative approach to changing education- both for parents and teachers. Let’s get people fired up about improving our education system, about lifting up educators so they can lift up our children to heights once thought impossible. 🙂

Talking Points or Standard Questions

If you have parents in your audience… 

They’ve probably wondered:

“How do I get my kids to be successful? And happy? And accomplish great things?”

Parents: You want the best for your kids. You want to be great examples for your kids. You want everything for your kids. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner. You know how important it is to be your best self.


If you have an audience of parents, book me for your podcast and I’ll reveal easy ways parents can help their kids be their happiest, most successful selves.

Your audience will discover …
* Why most kids lose interest in school and how to easily turn it around 
*3 secrets to get your kids to do their homework without fuss (This also helps them get better grades!)  
*How to get your kids to open up to you and talk about their day 
*The #1 strategy to reduce your child’s anxiety once and for all 
*And much, much more…

Let’s build the foundation for happier kids and skyrocketing their success!

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I have experience recording webinars and presentations on Zoom. I do have a headset, though my computer offers high quality recordings.

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I’m also available on some Tuesday and Friday evenings.

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