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Steeped in the creative arts from her earliest memories, Diane A. Curran, The Wow Whisperer, is equally passionate about the power of marketing as high performance communication. She is a speaker, author and consultant who makes presentations and marketing naturally creative for audiences via messaging, design, and strategic insight.

Some people consider speaking in public is a fate worse than almost anything. Diane’s gigs include 4200+ public speaking presentations in old and new media, museum art tours led, creative performances, teaching, training, and leading events of many types for live and remote audiences. Add 3000+ networking events in her career, and she has a wealth of communication secrets she shares with natural passion.

With marketing & creative projects for thousands of marketers shaping her vision, she knows the pulse of the good, the ugly and the extraordinary that propels marketing’s power. A fountain of creativity, Diane knows what’s missing in most presentations is ease and play.

Diane’s signature series is a truly unique biz book trilogy called The Marketing Deck. It’s a book, a custom card deck with a suite of games, and a playbook to build your own “Idea Bank.” using intuition and play to accelerate brainstorming, icebreaker exercises, or team-building retreats that care naturally lively, inspiring, and fun.

Her debut online course is “Time Mastery for the Time Sensitive, “ designed to change your relationship with time in business and life, shifting it from enemy to ally, and making room for “Ease of mind” and satisfaction to grow naturally.

Media Pitch

Shhh! Here’s a secret almost nobody knows: you’ve got as many as 6 Time Personalities running wild inside you, and some of them aren’t even yours!

Yet your daily rhythm is under time’s demanding spell.

I’m Diane A. Curran, and I eat deadlines for breakfast! By profession I craft Marketing into High Performance Communication, which has me known as The Wow Whisperer.

I will bring your audience both whispers and wows about time to activate a fundamentally new relationship and freedom with time that is way beyond classic time management. Think of it as… Time Mastery for the Time Sensitive.

Let’s invite your audience to begin shifting time from enemy to ally for what I call “Ease of Mind!” Shall we?

Talking Points or Standard Questions

Here are a few of my most requested topics for you, right here:

How to Shift Time from Sworn Enemy to Trusted Ally
Diane shares the 6 Time Personalities running wild inside you.. Some of them aren’t even yours, yet you daily rhythm is under their spell.
Value add for the audience: Step-by-step time detection activities that begin the practice of time mastery to gain what I call “Ease of Mind.”

Wake Up Your Wow!
Are you crowd-ready? Or are your true superpowers invisible to them, and even to yourself?
Value add for the audience: They learn about mastering the On-Off switches that make it possible to stand out authentically in a crowd of any size.

Deal Yourself a Big Idea
WIth relaxing simplicity, Diane’s system uses her classic cards with a twist to get instant access to hundreds of marketing tools and techniques.
Value add for the audience: They learn a simple system to clear obstacles to creativity using cards, intuition, and a speedy 6-sentence action plan.

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