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CJ Grace is the author of the humorous self-help book, “Adulterer’s Wife: How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not.” When Arianna Huffington received a copy, she invited her to be a HuffPost contributor. CJ is currently completing the comic self-help book and warts-and-all memoir, “Hotel Chemo: My Wild Ride through Breast Cancer and Infidelity.” She dealt with the double whammy of discovering her husband’s infidelity and shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer by refusing to be a victim and keeping her wicked sense of humor. CJ was a BBC journalist and voice-over artist in the UK and later worked for China Radio International in Beijing. Now divorced and based in the US, CJ insists that the obstacles she has faced have enabled her make midlife better than her younger days. Whether you’re a woman or a man, straight or gay, the 6-part program CJ has developed can help you use the shock of betrayal as a catalyst to take back power and become more complete, creative and joyful—with or without a partner. The aim is to transform post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth. Her mantra: The best revenge is to get past the need for it.
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Media Pitch

• Infidelity author who really knows her subject, with numerous amusing, outrageous and poignant anecdotes
• Dealt with the double whammy of infidelity and breast cancer
• Developed a 6-part program to show listeners how to overcome adversity such as infidelity and breast cancer
• Expert at midlife reinvention
• Entertaining, powerful speaker
• Experienced BBC broadcaster
• Great sense of humor
• Interested in lively conversation and connecting with the audience rather than selling a product
• Free mini eBook for listeners, “Overcoming Infidelity: Tools to Tame the Roller Coaster of Negative Emotions”
Finding out that your partner is unfaithful can put you on a roller coaster of negative emotions. According to CJ, the sweetest revenge is to get past the need for it. She advocates learning how to thrive after infidelity whether you stay or go, instead of wasting life energy on revenge strategies. CJ is an experienced BBC radio journalist and author with a goldmine of insights and stories about infidelity and breast cancer. She’s been there, coping in later life with the double whammy of getting breast cancer after discovering that her husband had a young girlfriend whom he would not give up. CJ used her experiences as a catalyst to reinvent midlife and would love to share with your audience her 6-part program to turn adversity into opportunity.
Wise, irreverent, practical and candid, she can be laugh-out-loud funny yet deeply inspiring, difficult to achieve with such serious subjects. Her goal is to help people take control of their lives and make lemonade out of lemons. so that they become more complete, creative and joyful, with or without a partner.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

Why do you say that after discovering infidelity, the best revenge is to get past the need for it?
How can you get off the emotional roller coaster that discovering infidelity creates?
Can you describe the 6-part program you developed to deal with both infidelity and breast cancer?
How can you use adversity to make life better than before?
Why does infidelity happen?
How do you decide whether to stay or go?
How do you deal with an unfaithful partner and the other woman or man?
How do you reclaim your sex life after infidelity?
What was it like to get back into the world of dating in midlife?
What did dealing with breast cancer teach you?
You’ve written about cancer etiquette-how can people be helpful to cancer patients rather than inept?
When dealing with adversity, what are the pros and cons of positive thinking?
CJ describes how the shock of dealing with infidelity can provide the impetus to make your life better instead of worse than before. She provides tools to help both women and men overcome feelings of anger, loneliness, fear and betrayal.
Find out:
• How to stop feeling like hell.
• How to decide if a marriage is worth saving.
• How to deal with the other woman or other man
• Why marriages sink into celibacy
• How to rescue a poor sex life — with your spouse or someone else
• The importance of making informed choices, such as knowing about finances.
• Keeping a sense of humor
• Dealing with cancer without a supportive partner
• Deciding on treatment options
• Coping with chemo, radiation, hair loss and wigs
• Sex and cancer
• Planning a funeral and preparing to Rest in Peace
• Cancer as a catalyst to drop the bullshit and make the rest of your life count.

Links To Latest Interviews

CJ’s radio appearances include BBC Radio in Britain, RTE in Ireland, the British financial network Share Radio and podcasts such as Divorce Source Radio. Several of these interviews can be accessed by following this link:

C. J. Grace Radio Interviews

CJ is planning to launch the Midlife Perspectives Podcast on Radio CJ at the end of 2021 and already has sneak previews available on

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