Christy Piper is a human dynamics, mindset, and relationship expert. She learned these lessons the hard way when she was forced to handle dysfunctional personal and professional relationships. She developed strategies to rise above her circumstances. Now she helps others uncover their own strength and resilience. She is the wise older sister and cool professor you always wanted. Christy received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Florida State University and is a US Navy veteran. She currently lives in New England.

Christy is the author of the new book: Girl, You Deserve More: How to Break His Spell over You, Escape Your Toxic Partner, and Become Independent.

She healed herself, and you can, too!

She knows how strongly the people we choose to surround ourselves with can alter our mental health.

She reveals strategies she developed and used to heal herself in her work to serve others.

She explains what little things you may be doing to tip off abusers and bullies to choose you as a target. How to realize what you’re doing, how to change your behavior, and how to get the bullies to leave you alone— even after you’re the chosen target.

She shares the strategies she cultivated here, so you can thrive like she did! She champions using adverse life experiences to learn about ourselves and grow stronger.

By trade, she has been an economist, professor, author, and veteran.

She inspires others to grow more confident in themselves and stand up for their boundaries, among other strategies.

She has been through the depths of hell, and can show you how to best dig yourself out. She uses her own journey and others’ to help you restart your life on your own terms.

Media Pitch

Christy Piper is an author, professor, US Navy veteran. She is a human dynamics, mindset, & relationship expert. She wants to uncover YOUR own strength & resilience. She specializes in: narcissistic personality disorder, codependency, workplace bullying.

She recently published her book Girl, You Deserve More: How to Break His Spell over You, Escape Your Toxic Partner, and Become Independent. She wrote this based on her own story and those of other women. She wants to inspire other women to leave, and start a conversation about this hidden problem plaguing society.

She can also help mental health care workers, church leaders, and other helping professionals who deal with the public understand what these women are going through, and how to advise them. She can discuss the red flags, mindset, and give practical tips.

Traditional marriage and relationship advice assumes that both partners are healthy and will put in the effort. But it neglects the ugly truth that sometimes a relationship is unsalvageable. That some people unknowingly married someone with narcissistic personality disorder or other harmful personality.

Are you or someone you know in a relationship with a person who is abusive and refuses to change? Do you logically know you need to leave, but feel stuck? Christy will take you through the mental and physical blocks you may face when leaving this partner, and give you the action steps to smartly move out.

Talking Points or Standard Questions

1. Why do people not get respected at work, even if they are just as talented and hard working.
2. How do bullies get away with their bad behavior at work?
3. Why do people sabotage themselves?
4. What keeps people from leaving a partner they know is bad for them?
5. What makes someone a perfect target for a narcissist or bully?
6. Why do people keep going back to a toxic partner.
7. Some main tactics a toxic partner uses to gain control over a new partner— it’s slightly different for males and females.
8. Tricks that toxic people use to keep you mentally trapped and fearful.
9. Why isolating yourself is the worst thing you can do; and strategies to combat the isolation.
10. Why narcissistic personality disorder is a silent epidemic in our society, and what we can do to fix it.
11. The book writing and publishing process— how to write a book to heal your life.
12. How do people end up with toxic partners?

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