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Halfway There is about the Christian experience in today’s world. We highlight a neglected aspect in his tradition’s spirituality in personal experience with God and to promote the idea that life with God is more varied than we expect.

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Show Goals:
Helping high-tech high-growth founders bring their future’s tomorrow today; be validated that their struggles and doubts are normal; and earn something to help shorten their journey.

Show Description:
Too often Silicon Valley has become the new Hollywood of broken promises and dashed dreams. Is the startup journey weighing you down? Are you searching for your own coffee shop conversation that turns into a $5M check? Weekly, Philip Topham, The Savvy Founder and Armchair sociologist, explores the startup struggle and what it means to be founder and Chief Everything Officer. Philip will be interviewing guests and sharing his own experiences uncovering the raw truths and hard earned “aha” moments. So if you’re feeling locked out of the startup insider secrets and looking for a smoother path then tune in where we help you save you time, money and heartache.

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This podcast is a how-to guide for both startups and investors that want brutally honest insight and info about raising capital or investing in startups. “VCs off the Record” pulls the curtain back and invites listeners into a world that may seem scary and complex, but can be navigated with the right tools, the right timing, and the right insights. Join Gayle (Gay-lä) Jennings O’Byrne, co-founder of the WOCStar Fund and champion for female entrepreneurs as she goes “off the record!”

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I celebrate my 40+ years on the fringe of show business by sharing comedy material and interviews with entertainers. From Jay Leno & Dana Carvey to Bob Saget & Jerry Sienfeld, I have worked with them all.

This is for pure entertainment, we share stories, lots of comedy sets recorded live, and do interviews with comics…famous….and not so famous! Always a Laugh, be sure to check it out!

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Spiritual Straight Talk provides advanced insights into living a purposeful life with deeper self-awareness. Discover how to overcome the various types of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical blocks that can hold you back from fulfilling your dreams. Become inspired by the personal stories and spiritual expertise of your host, Suzanne Thibault. Enjoy a wide variety of transformational guests who will help you expand your spiritual awareness to bring positive, powerful changes to your life for self-care and personal growth.

If you are a savvy spiritual leader who is looking to inspire others, then contact Suzanne Thibault at soul-safari@outlook.com and inquire about being a guest on Spiritual Straight Talk.


The Entrepreneur’s MBA Podcast: Lessons You Don’t Learn in Business School is a show focused on everyday entrepreneurs.  Why they chose, the roadblocks they encountered, how the overcame and how they can help others on the road to success.  Past guests have included a CEO of a Warren Buffett real estate company, an Olympic medalist now in the business world, a dentist that now speaks all over the world, and Christie Brinkley!


The weekly podcast with serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and investor Dave M. Lukas, devoted to giving the audience incredibly useful and unique insight from the world’s top entrepreneurs and highest performers with a focus on their non-traditional methods for achieving success, their Misfit side.  Additionally, in each episode we ask our guests to highlight their “Misfit 3,” the top 3 actionable takeaways that you can put into place and use in your life today!


Following a childhood injury, Dr. Corinne Weaver, DC, suffered health issues including severe asthma and allergies that she thought she would have to endure for the rest of her life.

It wasn’t until after her first upper cervical adjustment that her health began to improve dramatically. This transformation sparked a drug-free wellness lifestyle for Corinne’s entire family.

Dr. Weaver enthusiastically discovered her calling to help others heal and has since assisted many thousands of people to achieve better health without drugs or surgery.

In recent years, she’s reaching out beyond her successful private practice, as an international best-selling author, speaker, and brand-new podcast host because she is on fire to share empowering knowledge of how to be healthy naturally with people all over the world, so that they require No More Meds!

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Are you a workhorse, a racehorse or a…Pegasus?

Wings Of…Inspired Business lifts and transforms women in business so they can soar like a magical Pegasus to new heights by learning from top women entrepreneurs interviewed by host and 4X serial entrepreneur Melinda Wittstock

On Wings, Melinda interviews innovators, influencers and investors – all female founders with 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses – about their success secrets, lifehacks and practical “been there, built that” advice for how to start, build and sale companies. Very much at the intersection of personal and business growth, Melinda and her guests talk about Mindset, Mojo and Money.

Tune in to learn how to turn a 5 or 6 figure business into a $1mm+ profitable company that supports the life you want, with proven strategies on how to attract great customers, build recurring revenue models that scale, find your true purpose and passion for an authentic personal brand and growing influence, land investment to grow your company, plus self-care and manifestation mind-shifts that change the game.

So if you’re tired of being a “workhorse”, get groomed to be a winning “racehorse” and learn how to soar like a Pegasus, then #GrabYourWings.

Melinda’s mission is to catalyze an ecosystem where women mentor each other, throw business to each other and invest in each other – her personal moonshot is to invest $10m+ in female-founded businesses in the next 10 years.

More about Melinda: She’s the CEO and founder of Verifeed, the social intelligence platform providing clients with a Return on Authenticity™ from their social media engagement. Verifeed is her fourth successful company. She’s also an award-winning journalist and TV anchor (BBC, ABC, CNBC, Times, Guardian), a loving mom to two teenagers, a meditation and yoga fanatic and a world traveler.


A weekly podcast series exploring the best growth marketing tools and technology. You’ll hear candid interviews with the folks who make, market, and use these marketing tools.

The Audacious Life began as a way to help women who are in abusive and controlling relationships find solace and the validation necessary to leave a toxic situation with confidence. It’s shifting and melding with its sister podcast Audacious Mamas for mompreneurs mainly because cause many of the women featured on the show are struggling from financial abuse.

My biggest goal is to inspire women to break free and see that they are more than capable of starting a business or side hustle that will allow them more economic freedom.

You’ll hear testimonies of other women who have broken free, interviews with experts and authors on the psychological effects of abuse and control, and helpful legal, financial, custodial and mental health strategies.


Reinvention Radio — where ‘normal’ comes to die; ‘mediocrity’ meets its final demise; and, ‘the status quo’ is unabashedly dismantled. Steve Olsher, New York Times bestselling author of What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do; founder and Chairman of Liquor.com; creator of The Reinvention Workshop; and 25+ year entrepreneur who has built several multimillion-dollar businesses; and, co-host Mary Goulet, bestselling author of Go With Your Gut, real estate expert, media veteran and in-demand business consultant, scour the planet to bring you the world’s foremost social, business, political, technology and scientific disruptors. Each guest boldly reinvents average, obliterates the limits of possibility, challenges the accepted, and forges daring, cutting-edge paths. Steve and Mary’s no-holds-barred, unapologetic exploration of what’s new, what’s now and what’s next will unequivocally expand your knowledge, massively impact the trajectory of your business (and your life), and empower you to achieve financial, spiritual, and emotional freedom.


Adding these healing elevating skincare products to your regular skincare regime, see how ORMUS and Scalar Energy, the secret ingredients for anti aging & healing, make us different from any other skincare line.  Fast Visible Changes In Your Appearance! Fine Lines And Wrinkles Diminish Within 7 Days!  Look and Feel more vibrant, fresher and younger. Love your appearance, be more self-confident,  raise your frequency and Consciousness while diminishing AGING!

Infynite Gold Skincare Products include a powerful blend of ORMUS and Gold to provide you with the most advanced Natural Skincare Line in the world. Scientists, researchers and natural health experts all agree ORMUS minerals are an essential part of the human body and necessary for maintaining optimal vitality.

The Creative Funding Show is a podcast where Thomas Umstattd Jr. interviews Authors, YouTubers, and Podcasters who are funding their creativity using platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, advertising, sponsorships, merch, and other creative ways to make a living as an artist.

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I want to connect and reach out to filmmakers, storytellers and anyone who is creating around the world. There are estimated 8 billion people on this early and I want to connect to as many of them as possible.

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The Awaken Podcast is all about awakening to our deepest and Divine purpose. I like to interview guests who have had their own moment of “awakening” and how it propelled them forward into the work that they do now in the world. Whether that work is a business, a spiritual path, a message that they need to share. This podcast is uplifting, inspiring and powerful. I like to have the conversations around the topics that most are afraid to talk about. I believe that  looking at our past trauma is one of the greatest for us to truly awaken to our own inner gifts and purpose.


Audacious Mamas are those who are bold enough to go for it with their businesses and create success, profitability, and flexibility that allows them time to be with their children. Mompreneurs are not just work-at-home moms, they’re women with businesses of all sizes built around the needs of their family and what feels like success and freedom for them. You know you’re an Audacious Mama if you dare to say yes to something that feels great for you in your business but also say no to opportunities that look great on paper but infringe on your relationships with your kids, partner, or other family members. Your family is a priority but that doesn’t mean your business or success come last. It’s a balance!

We discuss tips, hacks, and strategies for business, marketing, tools, family life, mindset, spirituality, health, romance, and happiness.

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