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The Doctor’s Mentor™ Show is a broadcast that helps doctors and other professionals who want to create more freedom to enjoy their time with loved ones by solving common problems that keep most physicians feeling overworked, undervalued and torn between professional and private life. My show guests and I  help listeners optimize their career path with a focus on peak performance, maximum profits and an increasing sphere of influence.

Join physicians, surgeons, naturopaths, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals from around the globe that tune in twice a month or more for relevant tips they can put into play immediately. Listen to previous episodes here.  My listeners are highly competitive, reforming perfectionists who realize how important it is to invest in themselves at least as much as they invest in their patients and practices.

Topics of interest to my audience are:

  • leadership
  • practice and personal productivity
  • business planning, optimization, scaling
  • team building and negotiation skills
  • legal tips and pitfalls
  • money: make more, keep more, enjoy more experiences
  • fun and humor
  • legacy
  • patents, inventions, intellectual property rights
  • scientific research and publication
  • academic advancement
  • enhanced performance
  • nutritional precision
  • peak mental focus and memory
  • love and relationships
  • resilience in the face of personal or professional struggles

The first step in becoming a guest is to answer the questions found here.  Our team will forward your answers to me and if there is a good fit, they will then send you a link to schedule our conversation.

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A professional who overcame either a personal or professional struggle and found a better way to leverage his or her assets so that you have the time, money and flexibility to reach your full human potential. Now you are creating a positive of legacy either locally, nationally or globally that inspires other professionals to do the same.

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