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Audacious Mamas are those who are bold enough to go for it with their businesses and create success, profitability, and flexibility that allows them time to be with their children. Mompreneurs are not just work-at-home moms, they’re women with businesses of all sizes built around the needs of their family and what feels like success and freedom for them. You know you’re an Audacious Mama if you dare to say yes to something that feels great for you in your business but also say no to opportunities that look great on paper but infringe on your relationships with your kids, partner, or other family members. Your family is a priority but that doesn’t mean your business or success come last. It’s a balance!

We discuss tips, hacks, and strategies for business, marketing, tools, family life, mindset, spirituality, health, romance, and happiness.

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Anyone who has strategies, tips, or insights that will offer value to moms in business. You don’t have to be a parent or a mompreneur to be interviewed though it’s helpful to have an understanding of what a momprenuer life is like – juggling business, clients, kids, home, and the sudden expectations of life like caring for parents.

Business and income related strategies, household organization and balance, mindset tips, parenting, health, education, enrichment, and leisure. 6 years ago
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