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Welcome to Six Second Jobs™ Podcast. My subject is landing a job. I focus on four areas:

  1. Interviews
  2. Career Coaching
  3. Linked in Profiles
  4. Cover Letters

Ok, so I  focus on five areas. I also talk about Six Second Resumes and other Self-Marketing Tools.

To land your dream job, there are only two things to work on. One is getting interviews, and two is getting job offers. Everything I talk about relates in one way or another to these two goals.

You may want to know why I am PodCasting. I spent over 35 years in management, sitting on the other side of the desk. I have read close to 5,000 resumes and applications and have hired thousands of employees. My mission is to give back, to teach others how to be successful in their job search.

My guests are exceptional people whose skills, abilities and outlooks help my community as they take the steps needed to land their dream jobs.

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Recruiters, HR personnel, Career Coach, Resume Writer, LinkedIn profile Writer, Procrastination experts, Confidence coaches, experts who can talk about how to dress for success, grammar and punctuation, and the best ways to write an email.

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