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Global Citizen Life is a boutique consulting firm where we help five and six-figure entrepreneurs and business owners diversify their life so they can legally reduce their taxes to zero or single digits, obtain multiple citizenships and residencies, accumulate international investments, protect their assets, and make more money, all while living in a country or countries of their choice. So that they are not under the control of any one single government.

Our podcast gives valuable information to individuals that are wanting to Live Their Best Life!

Individuals share experiences and give information to others that may be thinking about moving internationally. What went right and wrong, and what tips you can give to others. If you have started a business in your new country we can briefly talk about that experience too. I will add links to your social media channels in all the show notes.

For lawyers, tax experts, and insurance agents we will talk about an overview of things and some potential options, knowing that every situation is a little different. I will also link your contact information, website, and social media channels to the show notes.

The conversation/interviews will be recorded via zoom. The audio will be used on all podcast stations and the video will be used on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

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For it I’m looking to interview the following types of people:

1)   People that have moved and received residency or citizenship.

2)   Immigration Lawyers

3)   International Tax expert for personal taxes

4)   International Tax expert for corporate taxes

5)   Local Healthcare/Insurance agent

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